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Boat Covers & Bimini Tops

We custom-build boat covers and bimini tops for hundreds of boats like yours every year. Getting your hands on one of our products means you can relax without the constant worry of the sun and its harmful UV rays. We also have a creative staff that can make your boat look beautiful with a unique, custom design.

Boat Covers A boat cover is a canvas that protects your boat from the environment while in storage or travel. One size does not fit all, so let us know what kind of boat you have for a proper fit.

Bimini Tops A bimini top is a canvas top that usually covers the helmsman, or driver, of a boat. Different boats need different configurations, so give us a call for your free consultation and estimate.

Easy Care Every boat cover and bimini top is made from the finest materials. To clean, rinse the spot with mild, soapy water. That’s it!

Durability Due to AAwnings of Distinction’s quality fabrics, your boat cover or bimini top will resist fading, cracking, peeling and moisture/mildew damage that can be caused by weather in your driveway or on the high seas. For warranty information, click the button below.

Getting Started Look at the pictures below to see what others have done to their boats. Once you find your perfect boat cover or bimini top, fill out the form on the right to set up your custom consultation today!

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